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On behalf of the entire team behind edrivingschool.org, I would like to personally welcome you on edrivingschool.org, we are glad you are here.We have built this platform with you, our user in mind, we hope we leave up to your expectation and if we do not please reach out and we will help as much as we can, our email is info@edrivingschool.org. We want you to come here and leave changed in one way or the other.

Have you ever wasted time online? If you did, you are not alone, I have. We want you to enjoy your browsing, but at the same time we hope you lean one or two things on this platform we have crafted for you. One of the things you will notice is that we have both free and paid materials and information. This is a new concept for online information access but we want our users to have quality, dependable information. And this is a way to insure that we can operate this platform sustainably. Feel free to browse our free information and book a course if you want to learn even more.

It is a monumental task we have to insure we continue building this platform and we are up for the challenge, adding content country by country, language by language. We hope you spread the world to you contacts, as we built edrivingschool.org to become the premier provider of information about driving license and traffic in generals. Needless to say, this site is for you if you are preparing for a driving license, but even if you are not, we have plenty information that we think can be useful for you, so check us out once and awhile.

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