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About eDriving School is an online information and educational materials provider for driving education, driving safety, licensing, re-licensing and driving information in general coupled with technology at the forefront. We gather and organize information for ease of access to our users, customers and partners.

Our goal is to have materials for every country, starting from East Africa while forging partnership in respective countries with driving schools, promoters, regulators and other stakeholders to provide quality information our users deserve.

As a strategic initiative, is housed under Standard Gateway LTD, with independent leadership and structures, with hopes to allow our users to experience not only access to key road safety information online, but also being able to book a driving course online, pay online, take the course and obtain a certificate recognized locally and internationally in partnership with local driving schools.

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    Become the go to place for information about driving license, driving safety and driving in general worldwide.

    History of eDriving School was started in 2019 as a project under Standard Gateway LTD under the personal oversight and direction of Wallas and the Standard Gateway Team: the A Team. While developing KezaPay, the team started exploring partners to work with. Along the way, it became very clear that it was going to be a challenge for many established companies to integrate with their in development payment system KezaPay.

    Initially the same project was tried in 2015 under code name of Mumuhanda Project, it however lost traction when the engineer who was responsible of its development Mr. Jeff Manzi disappeared. The circumstances of his disappearance as explained were personal, but when he was reappeared in 2017 the project was already shelved. Indeed, in 2016, Standard Gateway leadership took the decision to put the project on hold until other in-development projects are completed.

    The project was relaunched for strategic and practical reasons. First, Standard Gateway as an organization focused on Education and Technology has always seen driving education as a big component of its future services. Secondly, the initiative was a perfect fit for scale and ecommerce penetration strategy, complementing Standard Gateway’s national examination preparation platform and in development payment system KezaPay.

    Initially it is planned that a few countries will be availed on the platform: namely Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, US-Texas, US-Illinois, while content will be getting updated on an ongoing basis by a team that will also be driving usage, partnerships, transactions, and financial and operational sustainability.

    Our Goals

    Your success is our priority

    • Become the number one supplier of driving information in every country we operate
    • Become reputable for the accuracy and quality of information we provide to our users
    • House every country on starting from East Africa
    • Drive the culture of paying and shopping through our complementary online course, and key information, products and services
    • Plan Local, Regional and Global, Execute Globally, Regionally and Locally

    About eDriving School Courses

    At eDrivingSchool our goal is to promote road safety in joining hands with different players to curate the right information that citizens need not just while preparing for driving license but as a general must acquire knowledge to contribute in keeping the roads safe whether as a pedestrian, as a passenger or as a driver.

    Our courses are based on publicly available driving handbooks, in some cases without any modification. Our value addition comes in our personalized testing that insures that every learner covers the totality of the required body of knowledge information.

    Being a socially conscious platform and recognizing that the driving handbook is already public document that everyone should have access to, we offer at least two choices of courses for every package: Standard Course and Premium Course. Whereas the Standard courses can be accessed free of charge, the premium course always comes with a small fee.

    Features Standard Course Premium Course
    Course offered all online
    Self paced learning
    Course offered for free*
    Obtain a Certificate upon completion
    Multiple Choice/True or False Questions
    Yes (Light)
    Yes (Heavy)
    Completion Record Verifiable with KezaPlex
    Certificate Verifiable with KezaPlex*
    *Prices or fees vary from country to country, navigate to your country to find the pricing for your particular country or stateWho can take our courses? Whether preparing for a driving license test or whether you want to refresh your traffic regulations, our courses are crafted for anyone. Upon completion your will get a completion record number whether you elect to take the free course or premium course. If you elect to pay for the premium course you will get a verifiable certificate at the completion of the course.To enrol navigate to your country page, click go to courses and enrol in your course of choice.If you need any help, you can contact us at

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